Our Portfolio

Client: Kohler Co.

Project: Course design


Kohler Company is a leading producer of appliances, decorative products, and power systems that is home to over 40,000 employees worldwide. eLightenment Learning partnered with Kohler to develop a self-paced online ethics training course for all employees. The course was delivered in multiple languages with all participants’ progress tracked, reported, and documented. 


Working with Kohler's Ethics Committee, we developed an interactive course that put the associate in various roles to resolve issues. For other courses, we leveraged gamification to create a corporate wide competition for associates. Finally we developed a course around there handbook, creating a course that was fun and engaging. The courses were opportunities for the associates to learn important facts in a fun and challenging way.

Client: Metrostar

Project: Multi-tenant Moodle Development


In an effort to bring together 15 police academies in the Caribbean, Metrostar sought to create an online community that brought many challenges. There needed to be a platform that was easy to use addressed multiple languages, and created a social community along with a learning one. The project required meeting the issues of a variety of training needs while attempting to move them to a shared community.


Elightenment Learning, Inc. provided a multi-tenant solution building off of Moodle. Additional customizations allowed the site to be scalable and grow with the needs of the agencies involved. Also, the customizations permitted the ability for students and instructors to work together across agencies to create a stronger community within law enforcement. As outcomes of the work were necessary, we built a strong foundation for ongoing feedback to all involved.

Client: Creative Associates

Project: Moodle development and course design


In order to illustrate the importance of online learning, Senior Education Technology Specialist at USAID Tony Bloome explained that development professionals must gather evidence to prove the promising opportunities of technology and education that will help us make this case. Initial evidence from the U.S. Education Department has shown a slight learning retention gain by using a blended combination of online and in-person learning activities.


Meeting the needs of this project required a broader understanding of cultures and languages. Elightenment Learning, Inc. working in partnership with Creative Associates developed a multi-media learning platform along with course development set in SCORM. The LMS was based on Moodle, and while it contained a variety of customizations, the Moodle core remained intact to provide for future upgrades. 

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