About Us

Who We Are...

At Elightenment Learning, we propose an engaging, interactive learning experience that will help encourage your audience to participate. Presented in an easy to understand and easy to implement way. We will provide a variety of scenarios and interactions to bring your content to life. Our learning designers and professional team will design the course with a focus on increasing the implementation of excellent training.

Our Solutions...

Using our expertise to ensure the quality of instructional design, we pride ourselves on the quality of our instructional design. Our desire is to see effective learning solutions that do not just talk to learners, but aim to engage them through lively presentation and challenging question interactions. From an instructional design perspective, we will work in a way that adds the most value. Through initial discussions, we will consult and come up with an agreed approach for the design. As content is made available, an instructional designer will review and adapt it into a ready-to-develop script, considering editorial matters, usability, and other best practices.

Our Team...

Elightenment Learning provides both public and private sectors with web-based eLearning solutions. During our 15 years in business, we have continued expanding and offering exceptional virtual learning environments through our professional educational technology. In addition, we are educators ourselves,The fully trained Elightenment Learning, workforce implements a staffing plan which assures efficiency and efficacy of our eLearning platforms. By each member of our staff owning their responsibility in each task of our different operations we can provide the best services at hand.

Michael Finney, CEO

Founded eLearning company for small to medium size businesses, initially providing online training and resources for government agencies. The company expanded operations to the private sector, requiring our name change from OPS Institute to the more inclusive name Elightenment Learning. Michael is also a full-time faculty member for the accredited online university, American Public University and an adjunct faculty member at Fairleigh-Dickenson University and Grand Canyon University. At we believe it is critical to find the right partner to collaborate with learning services. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company, and I look forward to introducing you to our team.

Corey Powell, Manager of Operations

Corey Powell is an experienced and certified Project Manager and Instructional Designer. He has earned an Education Specialist degree in Instructional Technology and has over ten years of experience at the corporate and university levels. Prior to that Corey has worked as a Video Game Design Instructor and Curriculum Author. 

Mihir Jana, Manager of Information Technology

Mihir has 8 years of extensive experience in Moodle and elearning. He is a keynote speaker at various universities as well as at Moodle Moots. He is one of the pioneers in implementing e-learning via Moodle in many global enterprises from across the industry, and is one of the world’s finest MOOC platform developer and designer. He has a total of 16 years experience in Project Management and Business Analysis across various domains such as Education, Health Care and Life sciences, Transportation & Logistics and Retail domain. Mihir has published several articles and blogs related to e-learning and Moodle.

Ashlyn Finney, Intern

Ashlyn Finney is an intern for Elightenment Learning, Inc. working in a variety of areas. She is a 2021 graduate of Maastrict Univesity  and is currently working on her Masters in Public Health. She is an active in many school activities and in her community.

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